I HELP SAAS Founders, Marketing and Growth Leaders


Working closely one-on-one with leaders and teams to develop in-depth SaaS marketing strategies, build powerful growth engines, execute targeted customer acquisition campaigns, and go-to-market (GTM) launches.

Growth Mentorship Program By

Stefan LAzarevic

For a decade, I've been dedicated to building online products, customer-centric companies, and leading world-class growth teams.Currently, I'm growing my software company, Infinity, while advising other startups on achieving traction.Previously, I co-founded KickAssGrowth, a growth marketing agency with 30+ experts.

Do You Recognize Yourself?

❌ Frustrated with underperforming customer acquisition campaigns
❌ Getting ready to launch your SaaS without a proper marketing plan
❌ Struggling to validate product-market fit due to lack of traction
❌ Experiencing stagnant growth metrics despite your best efforts
❌ Your campaigns and offers are not resonating with the audience
Unsure about the real impact of your marketing and growth initiatives
❌ Unable to find experienced startup growth expert to drive acceleration

If the answer is yes...



Define Go-To-Market or New Growth Strategy

We (re)define a niche persona, positioning and messaging, map customer journey funnel, channels-fit, OKRs → growth hypothesis and marketing initiatives.

Knowledge Transfer

Work Hand-In-Hand With Leader And Team

We work closely with founders, their marketing and product teams, ensuring growth processes are executed effectively through cross-collaboration.

Systems & PRocesses

Create Growth Marketing Engine

We architect the growth engine Goals → Experiments → Tasks → Launch into sprints, connect tools and rapidly execute initiatives to achieve results.



A live, 1-on-1, expert-led growth advisory program to accelerate founders, marketing leaders and teams with a proven framework:

Customer Foundation Worksheet
A comprehensive tool to understand your customers deeply, identifying their needs, pain points, and motivations, forming the foundation for targeted strategies.
Customer Journey Map
Visualizes the customer's experience throughout their interactions with your brand, highlighting touchpoints and opportunities for optimization.
Competitive Analysis
A detailed examination of your competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, providing insights to position your SaaS advantageously in the market.
Irresistible Offer
Craft a compelling pricing and offers, tailored to your target audience's needs, designed to maximize conversions.
Customer Acquisition Channels & Tactics
An organized approach to plan and prioritize customer acquisition channels and tactics, ensuring a clear roadmap for successful campaigns.
Growth Metrics Dashboard
A centralized dashboard that tracks key performance metrics and growth indicators, providing real-time insights into your marketing efforts' effectiveness.
Event Tracking Sheet
A structured framework to monitor and analyze user interactions and events, enabling data-driven decision-making.
Objectives & Key Results
Establishing specific objectives and measurable key results, ensuring alignment with business goals and tracking progress towards success.
Marketing & Growth Initiatives
Implementing marketing strategies and campaigns effectively, ensuring proper execution of planned activities.
Experiments Sprints & Docs
A systematic approach to running experiments, documenting the process, and analyzing outcomes to drive continuous improvement.
Team Workflow, Tasks & Learning Logs
Keeping track of tasks and documenting insights and learnings, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing within the team.


✅ Implement new strategy, messaging and a very organized growth marketing system.
✅ Transform underperforming campaigns into high-converting customer magnets.
Accelerate your startup's growth, breaking free from previously stagnant metrics.
Establish a clear, data-driven approach to every initiative, optimizing for peak ROI.
✅ Work with a seasoned startup founder and growth/marketing expert.
✅ Make consistent and measurable progress towards your growth goals.

I only say that because I've been in your shoes many times as a startup founder and head of growth.I'm currently scaling my SaaS company completely bootstrapped from the revenue.Previously, I've run a growth agency, worked with over 35 clients and personally hired, managed and trained over 60 growth and marketing experts.With the growth system I've been developing for years, we've managed to acquire over 20,000 SaaS customers in the last 4 years and execute amazing campaigns:

$148,797 In 7 Days

$135,375 in 4 Days

And close a multi-million SaaS Enterprise deal with six-figures plans.

As well as generated millions of website visitors through organic, paid, social media, referrals and affiliates.

I'm now broadening my impact by helping startup founders and marketing leaders achieve amazing results and grow their companies.

LET's Talk

Schedule Your 60-Minute Growth Session FOR Free

WARNING: Before you schedule your free growth session you must understand that this is NOT for everybody, this is only for people serious about setting up their SaaS startup for long term success and are willing to invest time in the program.

✅ I'll show you a live demo of the growth frameworks and toolkits I've developed.
✅ We'll go through a quick 7-step growth audit to assess the current state.
✅ Answer all your questions and give feedback on current initiatives.
✅ Tell you more on how I'm bootstrapping my SaaS company for the past 5 years.